Bitdefender GravityZone

About Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud

Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud is a business security solution built from ground-up for virtualization and cloud to deliver security services to physical endpoints, virtual machines in private, public cloud and Exchange mail servers.
It is one product with a unified management console available in the cloud, hosted by Bitdefender, or as one virtual appliance to be installed on company’s premises, and it provides a single point for deploying, enforcing and managing security policies for any number of endpoints and of any type, in any location.
Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud delivers multiple layers of security for endpoints and for Microsoft Exchange mail servers: anti-malware with behavioral monitoring, zero day threat protection, application blacklisting and sandboxing, firewall, device control, content control, anti-phishing and antispam.


Most effective advanced attack protection

More mature technologies and extra protection layers help Bitdefender stop more advanced threats and consistently outperform other next-gen AV and EDR products in real-world tests.


Advanced Threat Prevention

Effective automated prevention of advanced attacks is essential to avoid potential data breaches and reduce the need for manual incident investigation.
The following technologies, available with the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security (ATS) add-on product, are designed specifically to uncover elusive threats and stop them before they can execute and cause harm:

• HyperDetect Tunable Machine Learning stops advanced attacks at pre-execution with an advanced set of ML algorithms you can configure to be more aggressive in ‘block’ or ‘report only’ modes.

• Fileless Attack Defense analyzes command code in memory and blocks rapidly growing fileless or script-based attacks that leverage tools such as PowerShell or Command Prompt.

• Sandbox Analyzer detonates suspicious files or scripts automatically or manually to provide a verdict and full threat context visibility with the changes an item is trying to make.


Reduced data breach risk and investigation efforts

The Bitdefender approach leverages extensive risk, hardening and prevention to stop threats before they execute, unlike EDR-first tools that rely on incident detection, after a breach has happened


The most effective advanced attack protection. Proven in real-world tests

AV or endpoint protection is not enough to stop new ransomware, 0-day exploits, or fileless attacks.
Bitdefender Security lets you stop these threats more effectively thanks to the extensive set of hardening, prevention, and detection layers, and the machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected over more than 10 years with data from over 500 million devices.
Unlike other next-gen and EDR solutions, Bitdefender consistently demonstrates better effectiveness in independent real-world security tests.