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September 15, 2010

Carl Nokell was our IT guy for several years during which time we never had to worry about our
computer network. Carl was always on top of everything. If there was a problem Carl was there
immediately and never had to fix the same problem twice. If we needed a new computer, battery
backup or any other component, Carl took care of the problem always keeping cost in mind. Carl came
to our rescue when our computer system crashed and another time when an accounting software
program was accidental deleted. Both times he got our system up and running without losing much of
our data and with very little down time.
When Carl moved away from the area it took us years to find someone that cared about customer
service, cost and the meaning of “we’re down and need someone ASAP”as much as he did. Carl showed
an extreme amount of patience while explaining what the problem was or what was needed. He
explained what he was doing or what was needed in a way we could understand without using a lot of
“computer talk”.
I would not hesitate in recommending Carl and would encourage anyone whether you have one
computer or a network to hire him as your IT guy.
Linda Painter
Robison Plumbing Service, Inc.