Professional Services

Simplify your IT via Professional Services

Our Professional Services allow you to improve your business operations in a cost-effective way – by utilizing our company to handle your day-to-day IT management and technical support. Each office needs hands-on computer setup and troubleshooting on a regular basis. Our techs will either show up on site or log in remotely to remedy IT issues, help with company projects, and consult with your business owner so you can have the right technology plan in place.

  • Consulting Services

Not sure about where to start with your technology needs? We offer tech and business consultations to help get you pointed in the right direction.


  • Email Migrations to Office 365

Still using an email given to you by your internet provider? Using an old server that needs to be replaced? We can get your email migrated to the cloud.


  • IT Support (Break/Fix Services)

Can’t print properly? Programs not starting? In general having a tough time making things work? Let us know and we will figure out what’s wrong.


  • Computer Repair


Blue screen of death? Failing hard drive or no boot devices found? We can assist with repairing broken hardware that may be causing the problems.



Have a central database that you’re afraid to move? Implementing a new point of sale or customer management platform? We’ll help get it installed so you don’t have to stress.


  • IT Assessment & Planning

Planning for the future can be hard, especially with technology. We can assess your current technology needs and create a forecast for your yearly budgets.


  • Vendor Management

Have a lot of software and service vendors that you’re having a hard time managing? We will work directly with them to make service simpler.


  • Network Security

Take a proactive approach to you security by training your employees in recognizing and defeating attacks. Install firewalls and network protections. Active antivirus monitoring with real-time response.