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Are you still managing your Exchange server?

Say yes to Microsoft Exchange and not to the costs and headaches of managing it. Our deep knowledge of Microsoft hosting is one of the reasons why we are a leading Exchange provider. Get a turnkey exchange solution. With our Cloud Hosted Exchange service, stay safe, secure and accessible. Get all the benefits of a business class Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting, no matter the size of your business.

Take your business emails and calendar to the cloud

As a professional, you need to reduce costs, streamline your business, increase productivity and efficiency, and make yourself more available to your customers and colleagues with our Managed Hosting Services.

By enabling you to contact, collaborate, and share from anywhere, anytime, to strengthen your customer service and business efficiency Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting gives you the opportunity.

Exchange emails on any device
Different users have different choices of devices. Our Hosted Exchange Cloud Services offers them a precise cloud solution.

Our professional calendar hosting and Hosted Exchange Cloud Services are compatible with all major devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and more. Thus, your workforce is connected and works permanently, at their convenience.

Leave trouble with Ace Cloud Hosting
We are committed to providing the most user-friendly Hosted Exchange Cloud Services and, therefore, we take care of the complete configuration of the application on the server.

Neo-Techie LLC is ready with dedicated support staff 24 hours a day to help you solve any problem you may be facing. Once you have chosen us for your Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting, all you have to do is start composing emails. All other maintenance and configuration tasks are our responsibility.

Advanced Communications Suite
Microsoft Email Exchange hosting simplifies the administration of users and servers associated with an ultramodern communications suite. Everything from user administration to scheduling is much easier with a Hosted Microsoft Exchange Provider because the server, software licensing, maintenance, and support overhead costs are offloaded on the hosting provider. Neo-Techie LLC is a leading Exchange provider offering 24/7 email and phone support 365 days a year.

Fully compatible with Outlook
Microsoft designed Exchange to work with Outlook, providing enterprise-level synchronization with Outlook Web App and mobile devices. This means that you can collaborate in the lobby or around the world using shared calendars, global address lists, and tasks.

Save with Exchange Hybrid
Combine Hosted Microsoft Exchange with our email and save money. Give your seasoned users the robust functionality of Microsoft Exchange, while lighter users can benefit from affordable, professional-grade email on the same domain.

Without sacrificing the service cost and quality, by reducing the need for costly hardware installations and ongoing maintenance, you’ll reduce the IT costs of running Exchange on-premise and help you control your costs with moving your Exchange environment.

The Hosted Microsoft Exchange environment is extremely resilient, fully managed, and every email is scanned for viruses and junk mail before it arrives in your inbox.

Neo-Techie LLC Customer Control Center provides full control over your subscriptions and services, including account/contact information, a billing and payment manager, subscription management, a service manager as well as an assistance and ticketing system. The Customer Control Center has a robust online help portal in addition to our 24/7 customer support, where users and administrators can find detailed documentation on their Exchange hosting subscriptions.


Microsoft Office 365

Do you want to modernize the way your business gets things done? It’s time to take a closer look at Microsoft Office 365 business solutions to help you streamline your processes and save money.

Increase Your Sales, Earnings and Customer Satisfaction By Utilizing Office 365 Support Services Offered By Neo-Techie LLC!!

Increase the Impact of Your Organization with Office 365 Today

Microsoft Office 365 – a suite of productivity and business collaboration, which allows you to work in new, smart and productive ways, rather complicated to manage. With that growth, you need sophisticated expertise and IT resources specifically for implementation, adjustment, deployment, problem-solving and of course, to keep up with constant change.

And if you don’t do it, then the adjustment challenges can make you unsuccessful in operating and realizing the true value of your investment cloud.

Neo-Techie LLC provides professional Office 365 Support to all levels of the organization including end users, electricity users, administrators, developers, managers, and C-level executives. From out-of-the-box customization to advanced custom development, we support for everything. We support all Office 365 packages including SharePoint, Team, PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, Planner and more. We help companies get the most out of their Office 365 investments.

Managed Support Services for Office 365

At Neo-Techie LLC, we realize that one size doesn’t work for all when it comes to getting Microsoft Office 365 Support, which is why we offer a number of options to choose from. Our managed service options include Enterprise, Professional and End User support packages, and each is equipped with predictable expenses and flexible requirements so you can budget accurately and rely on consistent results. Choose between annual plan options and our month to month.

As the backbone of your Microsoft Office 365 Support, the Pro Group Network can help you overcome key challenges with a proven holistic approach to cloud-based support, so you get the most out of your Office 365 investment.

Release the burden of your IT support team with managed support for Office 365

At Neo-Techie LLC, our goal is to remove the hassle of supporting and managing Office 365 from SMEs and large organizations. Our team will not only help you reach your immediate goals but also free up a lot of the time and resources needed for your IT department, ensuring that efficiency and cooperation are at the heart of what you do.

Neo-Techie – Your Partner for Office 365 Implementation

There are many IT service providers to choose from when it comes to Office 365 Support, but few have the highest level of client expertise and support that we provide.

We will take you through planning, file sharing, email migration, compliance, collaboration and security, and ongoing support. With reliable and professional implementation partners, we utilize our extensive technical experience to help your organization increase its impact and advance its mission with Office 365.

We offer a number of agile support options to match your business needs. ISHIR utilizes its exclusive relationship with Microsoft to provide 24/7/365 Office 365 Support with fast repairs and ongoing support.


Have No Fear, The Cloud Is Here: 3 Ways Cloud Servers Benefit Your Business

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have trouble balancing their IT needs with infrastructure they can actually afford.

We see it time and time again… businesses trying to get 5 -7 years out of equipment that was only built to last 3 – 4, or neglecting servers that is actually still within its lifecycle because the upfront costs of buying servers are so high that it turns them off from investing further in proper maintenance.

Such neglect will always come back to bite you. Outdated hardware will eventually fail, resulting in costly downtime.

Also, you need to proactively protect yourself from cybercriminals because you’re only one attack from being forced out of business. 55% of SMBs close within just 6 months of an online security breach due to the financial consequences of data loss (about $150 per compromised file, with thousands of files lost in the average attack) often being too much to bear.

You know you could really use an upgrade, but how are you supposed to actually afford it?

Have no fear, the cloud is here. Cloud servers allow you to have your cake and eat it too, offering access to properly maintained servers at a price you can actually afford.

But the benefits of virtualization aren’t limited to the savings: here are 3 ways switching from in-house equipment to cloud servers will benefit your business.

Cut Costs

While the benefits of virtualization aren’t limited to savings, it’s hard to say that cost-cutting isn’t chief among those benefits.

With in-house servers, the costs extend well beyond the thousands you’ll have to put down upfront just to get and install the equipment itself. It also takes a lot of electricity to run your own equipment, so you have to consider what it will contribute to your power bill. Oh, and don’t forget about maintenance, which also requires a significant ongoing investment.

The cloud allows you remote access to someone else’s server, and that someone else will be the one responsible for those upfront, electricity, and maintenance expenses. All you have to do is pay a small monthly access fee.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Trimming your IT budget helps, but IT isn’t exactly the largest piece of your overall budget. The wages and benefits you’ve invested in your employees are a far greatest expense.

Considering how much you’ve invested in your employees, why not get more bang for your buck and give them tools they need to be more productive.

The cloud allows your employees to access business data from anywhere they can find an internet connection. Projects will be completed much faster when your workforce is able to share files and collaborate from home or in the field instead of being limited to the office.

More efficient employees will allow you to more easily reach (and even outperform) your revenue targets.

Recover from On-Site Disaster

Are you still using tape drives?

If so, you need to upgrade.

Tape drives will protect you from a lot of disaster scenarios, but not all. If your office is struck by a fire or flood, your on-site backups are going to be destroyed along with the original files they were designed to protect.

Store your backups on a remote server via the cloud and your office could be completely leveled and your data would still be fine, with all your files waiting in the cloud to be restored whenever you’re ready.

(BONUS) Save Space

You only expected us to give you 3 reasons to migrate… but Neo-Techie LLC is always going above and beyond, aren’t we?

Anyways, one of the other benefits is that with cloud servers you’ll be able to save physical space. If you and all your in-house employees are crammed in a little office, removing bulky servers and other IT equipment will give you more room to breathe.

Contact us at (541) 633-7091 or for more information about our IT services.